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I am a photographer based out of the Okanagan specializing in portraits and weddings. I am a sucker for some stellar sun flare and a good cup of coffee. I love taking photos of weddings, couples, my kids, and families. I post all my latest work on the blog as well as teasers and a little glimpse into my life.

xoxo Camillia

Andrew & Julia Allen Couples | Predator Ridge, Vernon BC

What do you get when you mix my camera, Andrew Allen and his lovely wife Julia, Christmas lights, Predator Ridge, and the threat of a cougar?? Well…pretty much the best shoot ever. I owe a big thank you to Andrew and Julia for putting up with me. They are such great people and even better together. Andrew even sang a little tune (“Oh the weather outside is frightfull….” ) and minutes before the shoot I was told a cougar was spotted in the area! Lucky for us we left unscathed and  with some pretty great pictures :)

Oh, and Andrew makes a little music. Don’t know if you heard. Check him out here: http://www.andrewallenlive.com/

My favourtie!…

I think this one makes a pretty great Christmas card :P

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2 Responses to “Andrew & Julia Allen Couples | Predator Ridge, Vernon BC”

  1. Hannah says:

    I love your pictures! I also love, love his music. It’s, like, two of my favorite things combined into one. I’m trying to make my blog better, it’s amateur, and I’m also working on my photography skills. So, I love looking at these. Is there a place where I can get updates when you make a new post? I haven’t really looked around, but thanks!

  2. April says:

    Wow, I love these photos! Refreshing to find a pop singer who is willing to make that life long commitment. Andrew’s wife Julia is gorgeous!

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